• Have you ever wanted to be able to somehow
    communicate clearly with your pet?

  • Have you ever wondered exactly how your
    animal companion is feeling?

  • Ever wanted to comfort your pet in a difficult

  • Have you ever wondered if there is a 'deeper
    connection' to be achieved with animals?
Cheri Ballew, Certified Reiki Master & Spiritual Energy
Consultant, can help.

Cheri connects with your animal on a higher spiritual
level - one that most humans are no longer in tune with.

Because your pet also has a higher spiritual self, the
lines of communication can open and there is no limit to
the information that can be shared.
Cheri offers the following services:

  • Health & Wellness Support - as a supplement to annual check ups with your veterinarian, Cheri can assist with a more complete recovery
    process regarding diseases, as well as before, during or after surgery.  She also can help determine if your pet is on the right foods and
    support your pet in overall health and well-being.

  • Behavior Support - Cheri can assist with aggression issues, fears (including car rides), inter-species harmony (between cats, dogs,
    horses, etc. that share a household), separation anxiety, eating issues, behavior changes and many other issues.

  • Vacation Consultations - Leaving your pet at a boarding facility or having a pet-sitter while you're gone?  This can be very stressful and
    confusing for pets!  Cheri can let them know what's happening, and that you will return.

  • New Pet Adoptions - Anytime you adopt a new pet, there is an adjustment - for you and for the animal.  Cheri can make this a smoother
    transition by letting the new pet know what to expect.

  • Letting Go:  End of Life Consultations - Knowing when and how to let a pet pass over is one of the most difficult decisions we humans
    must make.  Cheri can connect with your animal and let you know if it's time for the transition.
Cheri with Cissy, Gidget, and Penni (from left to right)
Cheri began her Spiritual journey in 1973.  She became a certified Reiki Master in January

She has studied the Spiritual interpretation of the Bible by the Mystic Joel Goldsmith. These
lessons from the Inner Kingdom Consciousness opened the path for inner enlightenment of the
teachings of Jesus Christ for Cheri to open herself to the healing work. She learned the method
of soul clearings through Spiritual Response Therapy from a certified SRT teacher who was
taught by Robert Detzler.  

Cheri has also studied many methods of Spirituality as taught by many theological scholars
and teachers. In the summer of 2001 she met an animal communicator that told her that she
could communicate with animals.  

Since 1995 she has dedicated her life to becoming the best she can be in the field of Spiritual
Enlightenment to help those that need what she has to offer.
Cheri & "Bonnie Blue Belle" - a puppy mill
(from left to right)
Penni, Tinker Belle, and Gidget.

Tinker Belle is a testament to Cheri's dedication and love of animals.
Cheri says:  "Tinker Belle is a puppy mill survivor and has been with me for 4 years.  
She is still learning to trust human hands that no longer cause her pain and fear.  
I can sit down with her and pet her and Reiki her and she follows me everywhere,
she  takes treats from me and loves to go for walks."

"A righteous man regards the life of his animal."  Proverbs 12:10
Cheri Ballew
Certified Reiki Master/Spiritual Energy
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Cheri's cat, "Buddy," who was left behind
when his owners moved.
Cheri's other kitty, "Cassie," who was left out
in the snow as a kitten.