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Dog Training Apprenticeships

Work and Trade Apprenticeships go back at least as far as the guilds of the early Middles Ages. Work and Trade skills passed on to
an apprentice were a valued opportunity to learn and gain employment, but available to only the chosen.

Front Range K9 Academy’s Apprentice Program offers valued training to chosen applicants. We only contract with applicants we
believe to have the talents and gifts able to commit to a long-term relationship to the company.

We have developed dog training into an Art and Science that is more than just a job. Our apprentices are not only trained in the
practical hands-on art of dog training, but are also required to complete academic studies and exams.
An apprentice with Front Range K9 Academy is only selected for an opportunity for Contract Employment when they have shown the

1.        A desire and ability to commit to our educational apprentice training.
2.        Talents and the gifts necessary for the humane handling of dogs and development of dog training skills.
3.        Ability to perform safely the physically demanding work of dog training.  
4.        Able to meet the emotional and mental challenges needed to work with dogs.
5.        An above average ability to learn.
6.        An above average ability to work with clients (dog owners) under many different types of situations.

Other prerequisites and requirements include:

1.    Be at least 18 years of age.
2.    Have at least a General Education Diploma (GED).            
3.    Ability to commit to our apprenticeship agreement.
4.    Accept all company policies, agreements and conditions of contract employment.
5.    Be of good character.
6.    We reserve the right to add additional requirements.   

Eligible applicants must commit to an Apprenticeship Contract.  

Disclaimer: No Federal or State approved dog training apprenticeship programs exist to the knowledge of the Author of this
Apprentice Program.
Apprentice Hourly Requirements:

- In the beginning, this is the bulk of the work...observing the teaching method during all 3 obedience levels as well as
practice classes, and behavior evaluations.  (Minimum of 40 hours required, maximum of 60)

Methodology - Learning the method inside-out from its strengths to its drawbacks  (Minimum 24 hours required - to be satisfied
with taking a dog through all 3 levels)

Business Method/Marketing - exploring the information in the provided marketing book, as well as what works best in Denver's
market. (Minimum 5 hours required)

Team Teaching - Teaching classes under supervision (Minimum 10 hours required)

Behavior Evaluations – Learning to effectively evaluate individual dog temperaments, as well as owner needs to determine what
services best meet those needs.  (Minimum 10 hours required)

Additional Independent & Guided Study - Agility, Conformation, Rally, Lure Coursing, Racing, etc. - all the other stuff along the
way - all designed to improve dog knowledge in the competitive arena (OJT).  Additional independent study of the different groups of
dogs, behavior studies, and aggression are encouraged and discussions of them will develop along the course of training.  (OJT,
approx. 20 - 40 hours)

Independent Research/Required Reading - Apprentices will be given a required reading list upon acceptance to the program.

Total hours for certification:  120 – 160 hours
See Additional Information below for tuition cost and payment programs.
Additional Information:

: We take on a limited number of students so they can get maximum benefit from personalized instruction. We are only
interested in highly motivated people, who show up on time, are professional in their demeanor and appearance and genuinely care
about doing things humanely and safely.

Curriculum Requirements: Students will need to commit to a minimum of 6 hours a week on study sessions, reading, observation
& practical application.

Upon completion, students should be able to safely instruct group class, work with non-aggressive dogs one on one, and have the
basics to either start with our company as a contract trainer, or go off on their own and start their own business. Positions of
Contract with Front Range K9 Academy are offered selectively and we are under no obligation to contract anyone who has come
through our apprentice program.

Equipment: Students are required to have their own training equipment.

Books: It is the student’s responsibility to supply their own books. Required reading will be part of the testing, and will be discussed
in the weekly class portion of training as well.

Dismissal: Students can be removed for any of the following reasons with no refund given.

Unprofessional conduct including but not exclusive to:

• Soliciting business with FRKA clients.
• Soliciting personal engagements with FRKA clients or staff.
• Showing up late consistently.
• Not completing weekly requirements.
• Being disruptive or disrespectful to instructors.
• Slovenly, unprofessional appearance or clothing advertising dog products.
• Showing up under the influence of liquor or drugs.
• Theft.
• Plagiarism.
• Cruelty to any dog. Legal action will also be taken.
• Breaching confidentiality. Company business stays within the company.

Completion: Student will demonstrate (either in person or by videotape) a dog that they have trained over 6 months, along with their
completed training log signed by their instructors. Training logs are to be turned in weekly.

Non-clients: $2500, no refunds. Typically, this is a 2 to 6 month course. If it’s longer you will not be charged any additional fees.

Clients of FRKA will receive a $300 credit toward the balance of the $2500 for each level of training they have already completed with
their dog.

Any apprentice who does not complete the program within 6 months is subject to the full $2500 tuition fee as well as any collection
and legal costs incurred by Front Range K9 Academy.

Tuition/Trade for Services:  A trade of services for the cost of tuition is acceptable under the following conditions:

A minimum of 200 additional and unpaid volunteer dog training & service hours, above and beyond the apprenticeship training, will be
donated to Front Range K9 Academy at the rate of $12.50/hour.  Any hours that are not completed will be charged to the apprentice
directly, with a penalty of 20% applied to the unpaid/uncompleted hourly tuition charges, and will be subject to collection & legal
fees if not rendered within 30 days.  The 200 volunteer hours must be completed in no more than 6 additional months after the
apprenticeship has been completed.
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