"The Goldilocks Rule"

How do you know if your training area or the distractions you are using are right for your dog?  This can vary greatly
from dog to dog.  So, whenever you're in training, keep the
Goldilocks Rule in mind.

Some training areas are 'TOO HOT!'

A training location (or even a specific distraction) is too hot if the dog is taking multiple corrections, without paying
any attention to you, and getting more and more worked up.

If your dog is too close to a major distraction, or your training location has too much going on, then you're working
with a distraction or location that is
too hot, and you need to move to a quieter training location, or much further away
from the hot distractions.

Some training areas are 'TOO COLD!'

A training location or distraction is too cold if it offers no challenge at all for your dog.  If the dog is utterly
uninterested in anything other than you, then your training area may be too cold.

TAKE NOTE - whenever we are introducing a new skill, we generally begin training in 'cold' locations or with 'cold'
distractions until the dog understands the new skill.

Some training areas are 'JUST RIGHT.'

A training location or distraction that is just right will tempt and or challenge your dog, but after a correction or two,
the dog will be able to remember its responsibilities to you, and be mentally connected and ready to work in spite of
the temptations of sight, smell, or sounds.

1.  Always work in locations that are SAFE for you and your dog.  
2.  The footing should be relatively level.  
3.  Obstructions that could trip you up or tangle your leash should be cleared away.
4.  "Keep your head on a swivel."  Be aware of people, dogs, and other living critters (or anything that
could pose a threat) entering your training area.