Front Range K9 Academy, K9 Counselor, dog training and behavior services in Denver, Colorado
Front Range K9 Academy, K9 Counselor, dog training and behavior services in Denver, Colorado
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Imagine a dog
that LISTENS to
you the
...even in the face of other dogs, doorbells, squirrels,
and more!
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Aggression Control

Are you struggling with guilt, fear, and frustration
because of your dog's aggression?  

Don't get roped into working with someone who
doesn't specialize in aggression.  

We work with
hundreds of aggressive dogs each
year, including court-ordered cases, dog-to-dog
aggression cases, child-bite cases, and everything in

Click here for more information on our
aggression management program.
Problem Solving

Need more than just obedience training?  Don't
waste time or money on dog training classes that
don't meet your individual needs.    

With our  problem solving sessions, you get
maximum results in the minimum amount of time.    

We can help with: Separation Anxiety,
House-soiling, Reactivity, Anxiety & Phobia
Issues, and all other canine behavior problems.  

Click here for more information on our
problem solving programs.
Group & Private Obedience

Learn the secrets to getting the dog you've
always dreamed of.  The dog who:

  • Happily listens and responds to you
  • Walks nicely on the leash
  • Behaves around company
  • Minds his manners at the Vet's office
  • and so much more!

Click here for more information on our
training classes for dogs of all ages, breeds,
and temperaments.

"If you are looking to learn how to communicate with your dog, Front Range K9 Academy is the place. Every class is a true experience. A
natural and gifted teacher, Jennifer knows how to connect humans and their dogs. I never once felt as if I was simply "getting through" a
~Cynthia Kolanowski, Denver, CO
"Give these people your money...seriously.  We have used Front Range K9 Academy for our chocolate and
yellow labs and honestly can't imagine how crazy our dogs would be if we hadn't.  We went through level 1
and level 2 with both dogs and it was amazing.  Jen and Lisa are both incredible people and incredible dog
trainers.  I have recommended several friends and they have had great experiences also.  These ladies know
what they're doing!"
~Dr. Tara Ritter,Motion Chiropractic, Denver, CO