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How we can help:

Our programs teach owners of aggressive & reactive dogs
how to
safely and effectively handle their dogs in stressful
situations, as well as how to reduce the possibility of a dog

Make no mistake, aggression is a serious issue that requires

extreme dedication and commitment
on a dog owner's
part.  But we're here to tell you:
 There is help and hope for
canine aggression.

There are many faces to canine aggression.

  • Fear Aggression
  • Territorial Aggression
  • Predatory Aggression
  • Re-directed Aggression
  • On-leash Aggression

We can help with them all.

Please note:  If your dog has any legal- or court-related issues
(charges, lawsuits, etc.) please go to our
Court-related training
page, as the fees for this service are different than regular
aggression fees.
Got a reactive or aggressive dog?  Check out our FREE
information page on
Urban Overload for more details on
this rising problem for many of today's dogs.
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Are you tired of
always worrying that
your dog is going to
hurt someone?
"Two previous trainers had given up on our reactive dog. Jen helped us to understand why our dog
has the reactivity problems he has and how to deal with them.   

After completing obedience 1 he is a completely different dog, more affectionate, more responsive
to commands and no longer destructive. We know that he will never be a completely normal dog
and that we have to take precautions with his aggression but Jen has given us the confidence and
knowledge to safely guide our dog through life.

Front Range K9 Academy prepares you to be a good dog handler. She also placed us with
another similar dog in classes this helped gain confidence and saved us money.  We will be back
for obedience 2!"  ~Morgan Herbruck, Denver, CO
Are you ready to start having a better life with your dog?  
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Aggression Control

Dealing with aggression in a pet can be a roller
coaster of emotion.
 Owners of aggressive dogs
struggle with guilt, fear, and frustration.

Don't get roped into working with someone who
specialize in aggression.  We work with
hundreds of aggressive dogs each year, including
court-ordered cases, dog-to-dog aggression cases,
child-bite cases, and everything in between.