I wanted to give you an update on Ritz and thank you for all your help training her.  She went up for adoption
    last Thursday and was adopted the same day.... I don't know who adopted Ritz, but when I returned her, I
    gave the Dumb  Friends' League a sheet I typed up detailing her personality and training, and included your
    info.  I hope whomever adopted her will continue her training, or at least contact you if they have questions
    about her training.  

    Thank you again for all your help.  The last week that I had Ritz, all her training really started to click for her.  
    She wasn't just listening better, she was actually looking to me for instruction!  She had pretty much master
    the "heel" command.  I walked her through a crowd of 300+ people walking towards us, and while she got
    excited and wanted to say hi to everyone, she stayed right next to my side.  I was also able to walk her in the
    "heel" position through PetsMart.  And every time I stopped to look at something, she sat down without me
    looking at her or giving the "sit" command!  And I noticed that even when she wasn't officially on "heel", she
    stayed pretty close to me, and almost never walked on my right side.  She was even starting to come more
    consistently and was getting better off-leash.  I could walk her to and from the parking lot off leash without her
    running away!

    Your training methods really helped turn Ritz into a fantastic dog.  Because of her training, I think her new
    owners will be able to appreciate her much more.

    Thank you!  I hope to keep in touch!
    Kathryn Garner
    Here's what satisfied customers are saying about us!

    I can’t express the thanks I have for Jennifer and how she teaches you to train your dog. Great Danes are very loving,
    humorous and mischievous that is why it is so important to have a well trained Great Dane.

    Koda was an abused Dane that had so much potential. Working with Jennifer helped Koda learn and grow to be a
    wonderful ambassador for Great Danes. I can’t thank Jennifer enough for her hard work and dedication.

    John Leiker
    President, Great Dane Assistance League

    When I got my little puppy she was "the cutest thing ever".

    Unfortunately I had no idea how I was about to be trained.  Within 6 months I felt like the chewy toy/dog walker.  I
    use the phrase "Dog Walker" loosely.  She was walking me, darting after everything that moved and wrapping
    herself around me and regularly tripping me up, just completely out of control.  

    Needless to say my cute little puppy had become a danger not only to myself but herself as well.  I was more
    worried about what she would do, like dart out into traffic, than my own safety.  

    All of these issues I knew were not her fault, I had not taken the roll of the pack leader, thus becoming the chewy
    toy.  Then I was referred  to Jennifer.  Our first training lesson started off with Mollie once  again wrapping around
    my legs before we even got through the door.

    With Jennifer's guidance, and my persistence, I learned how to transition from the chewy toy to the leader, help
    Mollie learn how to behave on a walk and in a crowd.  This summer I walked her down the busy Main Street of
    Telluride with confidence.  I can now walk her off leash without the worry of her darting out into a busy street.  
    Jennifer has helped make owning a dog a pleasure instead of a chore.  Now I am complimented all the time
    how my 2 year old lab is so well behaved and what a good girl she is.  

    Annette Berenson
Front Range K9 Academy, K9 Counselor, dog training and behavior services in Denver, Colorado

    We’ve enjoyed our relationship over the 2 years since we rescued Smokie, and believe our relationship with Smokie has
    improved significantly because of your animal behavior knowledge and training.   

    Smokie was a 3+ year old border collie when we got her from the Denver Humane Society the end of October, 2006.  Immediately
    after getting Smokie, we realized that she is a very dominant dog and seemed to be aggressive towards other dogs.  You've been
    able to help us manage her dominance through proper training and ensuring we are the leader of the relationship.  We’ve
    progressed from having an aggressive dog to one that is managed and more of a normal border collie.

    Without your advice and support, I don’t believe we would have been able to save Smokie.  Thanks for giving us the knowledge
    and confidence to enjoy and appreciate, and have a happier dog.

    Reynold, Janet & Smokie Kalstrom
    UPDATE:  Denali was honored by being chosen from hundreds of rescued Malamutes to walk in the Malamute
    Rescue Showcase ring with Steve at the Malamute Nationals in Denver, CO, in October 2010.  See the video
    here:  Denali

    Lara and I cannot thank Jennifer enough for all the help she’s provided us with our new malamute, Denali.  
    When we adopted him from the Polaris Malamute Rescue in October 2007, he seemed like a really sweet dog.  
    Although it took some “sorting out” between him and our other two malamutes, we felt like he was going to be a
    great addition to the family.  A few weeks after bringing him home, though, we started having some real
    behavioral problems.  After he attacked me twice, we thought that we were going to have to put him down.  I didn’t
    want to have an uncontrollable 90 pound beast that could potentially hurt my wife or other humans that we came
    into contact with.

    After much soul searching and research, we came across Jennifer.  With all of her experience with aggressive
    dogs, we decided to see if there was anything she could do to help us prior to making that last, definitive
    decision with Denali.  After evaluating him, she informed us that we had a severely dominant dog that we were
    “reading” and handling the completely wrong way.  Although there are no guarantees with severely dominant
    dogs such as this, she said with we could significantly change his behavior through training and environmental
    controls.  We didn’t give too much hope to this working, but we decided to try.

    The results have been simply amazing.  We’ve taken Denali through Level 1 and Level 2 training, and we have
    incorporated Jennifer’s other suggestions for modifying our lifestyle to deal with a “problem dog” like him.   Since
    that second attack, we’ve had no violent episodes with Denali in the last year.  With the increased structure and
    discipline we’ve imposed on him (through Jennifer’s instructions), he is much happier and calmer and has
    integrated with the other dogs incredibly well.  Both of us now feel totally comfortable around him knowing that
    we’re doing what it takes to be in control.  I can honestly say that Denali wouldn’t be here had it not been for
    Jennifer’s help.

    Steve and Lara Daniel

    Jennifer Hime’s Front Range K-9 Academy saved my sanity and my dog!  

    I was given a 5 ½ month old Shiba Inu after her original owner was unable to care for her.  The first two weeks
    I thought I was going to lose my mind and thought I should give her back!  I contacted Jennifer.  I felt an instant
    connection with her because of her reassuring and calm demeanor.  

    She and her trainers talked me “down off the ledge” since I was in a state of total frustration with my crazy,
    unruly, untrained, energetic, bratty, snarky, funny dog!  I called her and was literally in tears.  

    After only two training sessions, I knew that Jennifer was a remarkable trainer and Takara and I were on our
    way to being a great team.  

    Thank you Jennifer for your knowledge, teaching ability, patience, humor and instilling the concept of
    responsible dog ownership.  I love my dog and know you’ve given me the skills and confidence to work with
    her and train her to be a truly great companion.  I can’t thank Jennifer enough for all she has done and
    continues to do.

    Kathryn Wirkus
    Additional Testimonials from over the years:


    I just have to share Rudy's success with you.  We have been practicing heeling and she is doing awesome.  I can't believe how much she has learned in the
    past few weeks.  Tonight, as we were practicing out in front of my house, a couple walked by with their two Italian Greyhounds that Rudy usually LOVES to bark at
    and pull on the leash to go greet.  Tonight I asked her to sit beside me as they walked past and she sat there calmly the whole time!  It is amazing to see the
    changes in her behavior.

    Thank you!
    Liz  Swanson



    I took Maggie out  <heeling> last night in the rain. Man, she is smart! She is catching on really quickly. I'm loving this!

    Thanks so much,
    Krista Beck



    It's been about 2 years since we had our last lesson with you, so chances are you don't remember me.  You helped us with Mokee, our overly aggressive
    (frightened) mutt (mostly australian cattle dog).  I'd like to thank you again for your help.  I thought we'd have to find another home for her but with your help (which
    was my last resort), we have been enjoying her again and we understand her needs.  
    Take care,
    Marianne Semenoff



    Jennifer,  I hope you remember Sox and me. We came to you around Christmas 2005.  You were trying to sell your townhouse if that helps put it in a time frame
    for you.  Sox is a rescue English Springer Spaniel with severe separation anxiety.  You helped me work with him until we were able to overcome his fear of being
    left along and the destruction that went along with his anxiety.  I have moved to Virginia since our training and I was able to use the techniques that we worked on
    with him again after the move to help him settle in to our new home.  
    Thanks for everything you have done for Sox enjoy his life and our home!
    Bonnie  Folker


    ...more testimonials on the way...if you had a great experience with us, let us know!  Email Jennifer at:  jennifer@k9counselor.com and tell us about your canine
    counseling success.
    August 22, 2009


    What a life saver you have been!  I remember our first session with Bailey (a Yorkie puppy mill survivor—he
    had been locked in a cage for an entire year) and you determined that he was salvageable.  Bailey was one
    year old and very fearful, timid, aggressive and adorable all wrapped into one when I adopted him.  I spent
    many evenings lying on the floor with my hand extended and my head turned from him so that he didn’t feel
    threatened by me.  Baby steps and he was soon touching my hand with his nose, and then he realized that
    treats were a good thing and he began to take food from me (still not very food motivated).  

    I’ve called you many times out of frustration and not knowing which way to turn with him and you’ve talked me
    through each of our dilemmas (even when I didn’t know if I could continue to manage this dog).  In 10
    months we’ve been through Level 3 training and Fun Agility and what a different dog he is now.  He is
    gaining confidence on a daily basis, he loves to do “school”, greets people at the door and settles right down
    when they come in, behaves fairly well at the groomers and even wants up in my lap now and then, and is
    becoming a very well behaved dog.  We still have some potty issues, but I’ve tried to maintain my patience
    and he certainly has made great strides in so many other areas.  I could never have done this without your
    guidance and support.

    Thank you so much!

    Conni Smith
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    -We have done other training and the past, and the training at Front Range K9 Academy has BY FAR been
    the best and most effective

    -The training at Front Range K9 Academy is practical and has yielded impressive results. Our dog's
    behavior has improved dramatically after just completing Level 1.

    -The attention and direction from Jennifer at Front Range K9 Academy has been awesome. Our dog has
    never been so focused, behaved, and happy. We now know how to handle our dog in any situation we

    Thank you so much for your help, Jennifer!! This has been such an enjoyable experience working with you!
    And I like my new hobby :) and seeing Gretchen's potential. I definitely want to continue on with Level 2 and
    eventually some other fun classes. Maybe agility? Thanks!!

    Keavy McAbee
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